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The Hirns: Stillwater Engagement to St. Thomas Wedding

Sarah and Matt are two of the sweetest people you’ll ever meet. They also happen to be incredible crossFit coaches and athletes, which is how they met as well as how I crossed their path. I wanted to post a few engagment and wedding images though the wedding is still very fresh. They were married last weekend at St. Thomas University and celebrated at the Profile Center following. Expect a full wedding story in the coming months. The engagement images were taken in the Stillwater area and at Lift Bridge CrossFit. Congrats Matt & Sarah!





























Project Molly’s Eyes: Wyatt

Hi there!  I’m still here!  ha!  You may not have known since blogging takes low priority while I am busy photographing, and by gosh, I have been busy, thank you!  Of all types of posts, I am sad I haven’t gotten up more Project Molly’s Eyes editions.  Things are manic this time of the year, but I decided I needed to hit that pause button for a moment and get this session out there.

Molly is doing wonderfully!  The first two year’s are a stark contrast to life for her today.  Maybe that’s why I shy away a bit.  It was such a difficult time, it’s nice to forget.  She has a battle ahead of her, but she is a strong and amazing little girl at five years old now!  I am in awe of who she has become and know she’ll surpass all that is thrown her way.

Here’s a recent photo of my world  (photo credit: My Dad, G-pa Bobbo):


Meet Wyatt

A few weeks ago I was honored to meet charming Wyatt and his sweet family.  It was raining for our session, but this dude and his peeps lit up my camera!  Wyatt was born with a Cleft lip and Palate.  I asked him mom, Jamie, if she would like to share a bit of her experiences with me.  I believe the sharing of experiences, especially from mother to mother, is a priceless gift of hope and reassurance to families who are earlier in their cleft lip and palate journey.

In Jamie’s words:

When I was 24 weeks pregnant we found out through an ultrasound that our son had a cleft lip and palate. Those first days after finding out were extremely difficult. I felt sad, angry, guilty… there were a lot of tears. I hurt for us and for our son. I worried about the procedures he would have to endure and the adversity he would face.

When we first found out about Wyatt’s cleft I knew pretty much nothing. As a way of coping, I threw myself into research and planning. It helped me feel more comfortable with what we were dealing with but was also overwhelming at time as I realized how much was involved with a cleft. I was determined to learn as much as I could and do as much as I possibly could to prepare for Wyatt’s arrival.

We were connected with a cleft team right away. It was comforting to meet and talk with them about what treatment would look like and develop a plan for the initial challenges we would face. They provided us with a lot of resources and information. I also found websites, blogs and connections made through online support groups to be incredibly helpful.

It felt like quite the roller coaster of emotions for a time between when we found out about his cleft and when Wyatt was born. It got easier as we got closer to our due date. We were anxious and excited to meet our little boy. There was some anxiety as we anticipated seeing his cleft for the first time but it really wasn’t that big of a deal after all.

The year after Wyatt was born was a whirlwind of doctor appointments, feeding challenges, using a NAM and taping, and three surgeries. That first year was the hardest. Now Wyatt is almost 3 and what was once so overwhelming and consuming has faded to the background. The last two years have been surgery free. The main thing we are working on right now is speech and we continue to check in regularly with our cleft team. Most of the time we are just enjoying life with our two beautiful children.

When we chose Wyatt’s name we didn’t know its meaning but it couldn’t have been more perfect. His name means “brave in war.” He is so brave. He is also clever and funny. There is a brightness that beams from his beautiful brown eyes and I can’t imagine our lives without this amazing little guy.



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